Frankie Paris

10代の頃にダンスホール・クラシックに魅了され、歌い手としてのキャリアをスタートさせる。 そんな彼女が特に惚れ込んだもの、それは英国産のレゲエ・ミュージックだった。古いものから新しきを知る、そんな文化が根付いたイギリスから多くの影響を受けており、彼女の音楽スタイルに色濃く反映されていると言えるだろう。立ち振る舞いやファッションからも伝わってくるように、固定概念やジャンルに囚われない自由でユニークなキャラクターは各関係者やリスナーからの評価が高い。

She became fascinated by dancehall classics as a teenager and began her singing career. She fell in love with one thing in particular: the reggae music from the UK. The British culture of knowing the new from the old has had a lot of influence on her, which is reflected in her musical style. Her free and unique character, which is not bound by stereotypes or genres, as conveyed by her behaviour and fashion, is highly appreciated by all parties and listeners.



Bagus! are a lovers rock band formed in Osaka, Japan in 2014. Original founding members are Hiroaki Shirakawa (Vo/Gt) and Atsuko Sumino (Vo/Key), both from Wakayama. In 2018, Makoto Konishi (Vo/Gt) and supporting rhythm section members joined the band and they have been continuously active mainly in Kansai region. After a period of playing folk and surf rock music, they are now attempting to express the “Tokimeki (heart pounding)” feelings delivered to them by their great predecessors through “Lovers Rock,” sweet and urban reggae music born in England. Their releases to date include two EPs (digital distribution), four 7-inch singles (one featuring), and one LP (the vinyl works are also digitally distributed). Their released works are all rich in variety, with three singers, Shirakawa, Sumino, and Konishi singing over two-way style tracks (band sound and programmed).